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Pearson, Hesketh

OSCAR WILDE His Life and Wit


Department of the Army

German Tank Maintenance in World War II


Feldhamer, George A, Lee C. Drickmamer, Stephen H. Vessey, Joseph F. Merritt, Carey Krajewski

Mammalogy Adaption Diversity Ecology


Ardoin, John and Geraldine Fitzgerald

Callas, the Art and the Life,The Great Years


Salter, James Q. And Kathleen E.R. Smith (Ed.)

Zwolle, Louisiana: Our Story Portrait of a Small Town


Martinez De La Pena, Teresa

Teoria Y Practica Del Baile Flamenco


Gulf Refining Co

Aviation Atlas, 1931 Edition


Digby, Ian



San - Juan, Pablo Villa

Papeles Intimos De Enrique Granados


Thompson, Phyllis H.

The Ghosts of Who We Were


Weaver, Frances

Speaking of the Girls.(signed)


Simon, Paul

The Dangling Conversation


Schwartz, Stephen

Day By Day - Godspell


Le Sage, Alain Rene

Asmodeus or the Devil on Two Sticks


Cuff, Samuel H.

The Face of War 1931-1942


De La Croix, Robert

Mysteries of the Sea


Reed, J.c.jr., M.E. Bickford, R.S. Houston, P.K. Link, D. W. Rankin, P.K. Sims, & W. R. Van Schmus

Precambrian: Conterminous U.S., Geological Society of America Vol C-2 Text and Maps


Tobias, Fritz

The Reichstag Fire


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