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Rudder Grange


Stockton, Frank

The Dusantes


Stockton, Frank

Rudder Grange


Stockton, Frank R.

A Storyteller's Pack (First Printing)


Stuart, Bruce (Art); Daniel C. Dempster (Text)

The Art of Bruce Stuart


Stuckey, H. P., And Kyle, Edwin Jackson



Student, General Der Flieger (hg). Dahm, Franz (photos) & Schnitzer, Hans-Georg (text).

Kreta: Sieg Der Kuhnsten. Vom Heldenkampf Der Fallschirmjager.


Sturgeon, Graeme

Title Not Listed



Title Not Listed


Styron, William

The Confessions of Nat Turner


Sun Ra; Wolf, James L.; Geerken, Hartmut

Title Not Listed


Sutcliff, Rosemary

The Armourer's House


Sutherland & Wilson, R. L.

Book of Colt Firearms.


Szyk, Thomas and Chang, Allison Clair

Heroes of Ancient Israel


T. Barrow; H. Sieben; Introduction by Bengt Danielsson

Women of Polynesia


T. S. ELIOT [signed]

Murder in the Cathredal



Dino Motion (Takara)


Tasso, Torquato; Wiffen,J.H. (Bio.); Devey, John (Bio. Postscript 1854); Hinchliff, J. ; Williams, S. (Illustrators)

The Jerusalem Delivered Of Torquato Tasso


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