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DeWitt, Helen

The Last Samurai


Lowry, Lois

Number the Stars


Ewald, Johann; Selig, Robert A.; Skaggs, David Curtis

Treatise on Partisan Warfare (Contributions in Military Studies, Number 116)


Capstick, Peter Hathaway

Death in the Long Grass


Capstick, Peter Hathaway

Death in the Dark Continent


Moriarty, Liane

Big Little Lies


Sontag, Susan

Where the Stress Falls: Essays


Sontag, Susan

Alice in Bed: A Play


Anderson, Walter [Inglis]; Pickard, Mary Anderson



Graves, Will N.; Geist, Valerius

Wolves in Russia: Anxiety through the Ages


Toole, John Kennedy; Percy, Walker

A Confederacy of Dunces


Lyden, Anne M.; Kingsley, Hope

The Photographs of Frederick H. Evans


Crumb, R. [Robert Dennis]; Thompson, Mark; Groth, Gary

The Complete Crumb Volume 11: Mr. Natural Committed to a Mental Institution!


Araki, Nobuyoshi

It Was Once a Paradise


Lavallee,Omer, Archie Williamson



John V. Duncanson

Township of Falmouth, Nova Scotia


Walt Disney Enterprises,;

MICKEY MOUSE A Stand - out Book


Moncrieff, Elspeth / Joseph, Stephen / Joseph, Iona

Farm Animal Portraits


Heinlein, Robert A.

Rocket Ship Galileo


Metro Ministries

Transformation Station


Dr. Seuss

If I Ran the Circus


Forsyth, Frederick

The Day of the Jackal


Penman, Sharon Kay

The Sunne in Splendour


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