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Dubus III, Andre

House of Sand and Fog


Ashton-Warner, Sylvia

I Passed This Way


Ozick, Cynthia

The Messiah of Stockholm


Magaziner, Ira C.



Appignanesi, Richard

Freud for Beginners


Myers, Walter Dean



Giblin, James Cross

The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone


Davies, Robertson

The Manticore


Shaffer, Peter

Equus (Penguin Plays)


Duncan, Andrew

The reality of monarchy


Sontag, Susan

I, Etcetera


Cannadine, David

G.M. Trevelyan: A Life in History


Hoskins, W. G

Local history in England,


O'Leary, Michael,Johnson, Lynn

En Route: Label Art from the Golden Age of Air Travel


McDermott, Alice

Charming Billy


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