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Richard V. Gaines, H. Catherine W. Skinner, Eugene E. Foord, Brian Mason and Abraham Rosenzweig

Dana's New Mineralogy, Eighth Edition


J. O. Nriagu and P.B. Moore (Editors)

Phosphate Minerals


Elena A. Borisova

New Data on Minerals, Volume 38


Elena A. Borisova

New Data on Minerals, Volume 39


Milton L. Speckels

The Complete Guide to Micromounts


H. A. Stalder, P. Embrey, S. Graeser and W. Nowacki

Die Mineralien des Binntales


Edgar T. Wherry and Charles Palache (Editors)

The Goldschmidt Two-Circle Method: A Series of Papers


Lawrence A. Warner, William T. Holser, Verl R. Wilmarth and Eugene N. Cameron

Occurrence of Nonpegmatite Beryllium in the United States


John B. Hanley, E. Wm. Heinrich and Lincoln R.Page

Pegmatite Investigations in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah 1942-1944


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