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Wood Edward D. Jr.

WATTS The Difference


Howard Robert E Nathan Hindin Edith Hurley Seabury Quinn Clark Ashton Smith manly Wade Wellman Edgar Daniel Kramer August Derleth Donald Wandrei Thomas P Kelley Sometimes Spelled Kelly Henry Kuttner Eli Colter H P Lovecraft

Weird Tales February 1939 Volume 33 2 King the Oak Death is an Elephant City of Death Poltergeist of Swan Upping Double Shadow Fearful Rock Crazy Nell Drifting Snow Giant Plasm I Found Cleopatra Transgressor The Last Horror The Lamp


Hoffmann E. T. W.

Weird Tales Vols. I and II


Pet Shop Boys

West End Girls 1034


Leon Tolstoi

What I Believe


Coolidge Susan

What Katy Did





Raymond Briggs

When The Wind Blows Photograph


Berrett Howard D.

Whos Who In Topeka


Robert Louis Stevenson

Will O The Mill


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