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PINOCCHIO- The Story of a Puppet


Commission Intergovernmental Oceanographic

Title Not Listed


Conde John A

The cars that Hudson built


Condon Richard

The Oldest Confession


Confucius John Kirkley Editor Li Tianchen Trans Kong Decheng Calligraphy

The Analects of Confucius A Chinese-English Bilingual Edition


Connelly Michael

Title Not Listed


Connelly Vernie E.

Alimony Queens


Cook Theodore Andrea

Old Provence 2 vols


Coolidge Susan

What Katy Did


Coonts Stephen

Title Not Listed


Corbett John Elms Anthony Kapsalis Terri

Title Not Listed


Cormac McCarthy

Title Not Listed


Cormac McCarthy

Title Not Listed


Cornwell Patricia

Title Not Listed


Cotsen Childrens Library Princeton UniversityCotsen Lloyd E.Immel Andrea

Title Not Listed


Countess M Von Bothmer

Aut Caesar Aut Nihil


Cowper William edited by Rossetti William Michael

The Poetical Works of William Cowper


Crane Stephen

Wounds In The Rain


Crawford William L. editor

Marvel Tales


Cronquist Mabel



Crumb Robert

Zap Comix No. 0


Crumb Robert

Zap Comix No. 1


Cullen Countee Chistopher Cat Charles Sebree Illustrator

The Lost Zoo - The Animals That Missed the Ark - A Rhyme for the Young But Not too Young


Cumberledge Geoffrey

Recording Britain Volume I-IV


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