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Scott Sir Walter. Illustrated by George Cruikshank

Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft Addressed to J. G. Lockhart Esq.


Sean Findley

Southern Comfort


Sebold Alice

The Lovely Bones


Sendak Maurice

Where the Wild Things Are


Shakespear William Shakespeare

The Works of William Shakespear. Volume the Ninth.


Shakespeare William with an introduction and notes by John Dennis

The Chiswick Shakespeare. Complete in 39 Volumes


Shaw Irwin

Evening In Byzantium


Shaw Irwin

Evening In Byzantium


Shaw Irwin

Tip On A Dead Jockey


Sherwood Robert

The Petrified Forest


Shibui Dr. Kiyoshi and Mr. Sadao Kikuchi.

Ukiyoe-Hanga 7 volumes complete.


Silko Leslie

Laguna Woman Signed


Silverberg Robert.



Sinclair Upton

The Brass Check


Sinclair Upton

Jimmie Higgins


Sinclair Upton

The Return Of Lanny Budd


Sinclair Upton

The Jungle


Skinner B. F. Association Copy To W. V. O. Quine



Slesar Henry

20 Million Miles to Earth


Smith Cynthia M.

Allysons Daughter


Smith Edward E.

Spacehounds of IPC


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