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Darly M. Matthew or Matthias 1741 - 1778

Sixty Vases by English French and Italien sic Masters.


Daudet Alphonse. Aquarelles de A. Robaudi. Plumes et Coloris de Fred Money

Lettres de Mon Moulin


David Bowie

The Next Day SIGNED


David Bowie



David Bowie

Never Let Me Down SIGNED


David Hammons

David Hammons Rousing the Rubble


David Hockney

Hockneys Alphabet SIGNED DELUXE


David Mac Ritchie

The Ainos


Davies Robertson

The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks


Dawkins Richard

The Selfish Gene


De Barthe Joe DeBarthe

Life and Adventures of Frank Grouard


De Beauvois Ambroise Marie-Francois Joseph de Palisot 1752-1820.

MEMOIR ON AMPHIBIA. NO. XLII. From the 34Transactions of the American Philosophical Society volume IV34.


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