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Augustine Saint

The Confessions


Styron William

The Confessions of Nat Turner


Post Melville Davisson

The Corrector of Destinies


Longfellow Henry Wadsworth.

The Courtship of Miles Standish and Other Poems.


Hough Emerson

The Covered Wagon


Hardy Wilson

The Cow Pasture Road


Cormac McCarthy

The Crossing Signed 1st Printing


Yeldham Peter

The Currency Lads


Brown Dan

The Da Vinci Code


Forsyth Frederick

The Day of the Jackal


Ellison Harlan aka Lee Archer Cordwainer Bird Cortwainer Bird C. Bird Wallace Edmondson Harlan Elison H. Ellison Ellis Hart E. K. Jarvis Ivar Jorgensen Paul Merchant Clyde Mitchell Pat Roeder

The Deadly Streets --- Teenaged Wolf Packs in the New York Jungle --by Harlan Ellison


Glasgow Ellen

The Deliverance First Print Copy


Glasgow Ellen

The Descendant


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