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de Vos Maerten 1532-1603

Four Adorned Engraved Prints


van Beek Toon

Tegel Boek


Jones William Sir ed. other contributors include Charles Wilkins Henry Vansittart Samuel Davis William Roxburgh

Asiatick Researches Or Transactions of the Society Instituted in Bengal for Inquiring into the History and Antiquities the Arts Sciences and Literature of Asia. Volume the Second.


Pliny Dr. Bob

On Wisdom Road


Alighieri Dante.

La Divina Commedia


Daily News and NY Post

Wall Street Artwork


Wagniez Wagnez Paul

Dessins Originaux de Paul Wagnez


US Navy Office of Naval Intelligence ONI.

O. N. I. Weekly. January 28 1942- June 27 1945. Confidential. 179 Issues.


Hermant Abel. Illustrations by Umberto Brunelleschi

Phili ou Par-de-la le Bien et le Mal Conte Moral orn dAquarelles


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