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Hermant Abel. Illustrations by Umberto Brunelleschi

Phili ou Par-de-la le Bien et le Mal Conte Moral orn dAquarelles


Gould J John with additions and Revisions By Johann Heinrich Christian Friedrich Sturm Johann Wilhelm Sturm Richard Owen Rudolf Wagner

J. Goulds Monographie Der Ramphastiden Oder Tukanartigen Voegel Four Parts Plus Prospectus



Bronze Figure Seated Girl Laughing.


Fore-edge Painting. Signed Miss C. B. CURRIE CHARNWOOD Godfrey Benson 1st Baron Lord 1864-1945.

Abraham Lincoln.


Skinner B. F. Association Copy To W. V. O. Quine



Pugin Augustus and Thomas Rowlandson

Microcosm of London or London in Miniature Three volumes


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