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Illustrated by Violet Blue Zebra

Zoo Nonsense Verses


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Alighieri, Dante.

La Divina Commedia


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Goro Kumada, editor. Ken Domon, Masao Horino, Ihei Kimura, Wanatabe Yoshio and other members of the Nihon Kobo



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Daudet, Alphonse. Aquarelles de A. Robaudi. Plumes et Coloris de Fred Money

Lettres de Mon Moulin


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Goldsmith, Oliver. Illustrations by Hugh Thomson. Preface by Austen Dobson

[Kelliegram Binding] The Vicar of Wakefield


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La Fontaine, [Jean de]. Illustrated by J. J. Grandville. Translated from the French by Elizur Wright, Jr.

Fables of La Fontaine (Two Volumes)


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Pliny, Dr. Bob

On Wisdom Road


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Pellar, Hanns and Fritz von Ostini

Der Kleine Knig. Ein Marchen.


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Designed and drawn by George Lane and Oakley Reynolds. Supervised by Harold J. Flavin, Inc.

Mayfair Pictures Corp. Product Announcement 1933-1934


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