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(Royal Society: Newton, Isaac; Halley, Edmond; Herschel, William; Middleton, Capt. Christopher; et al.). Lowthrop, John; Motte, Benjamin; Reid, Andrew; Gray, John; Martyn, John (editors).

1705-1756 SCIENCE - ILLUSTRATED with 272 PLATES & MAPS: PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS AND COLLECTIONS, [FROM THE YEAR 1665, TO THE YEAR 1750] ABRIDGED AND DISPOS'D UNDER GENERAL HEADS. (A complete set of first editions contemporaneously bound in 11 volumes).


[De Beauvois, Ambroise Marie-Francois Joseph de Palisot (1752-1820)].

MEMOIR ON AMPHIBIA. NO. XLII. [From the "Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, volume IV"].


Grey, Zane

Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas


Shakespear, William [Shakespeare]

The Works of William Shakespear. Volume the Ninth.


Michell, Nicholas [Extra-illustrated by Richard Bate (1775-1856)]

Ruins of Many Lands. A Descriptive Poem.


Jones, William (Sir ) (ed.); other contributors include Charles Wilkins, Henry Vansittart, Samuel Davis, William Roxburgh

Asiatick Researches: Or, Transactions of the Society, Instituted in Bengal, for Inquiring into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature, of Asia. Volume the Second.


Smith, Caroline M.

Title Not Listed


Carter, Jimmy

Title Not Listed


[Fore-edge Painting. Signed] [Miss C. B. CURRIE] CHARNWOOD, Godfrey Benson, 1st Baron [Lord] (1864-1945).

Abraham Lincoln.


Margaret Young-Sanchez

Cartier: The Exhibition


T. Barrow; H. Sieben; Introduction by Bengt Danielsson

Women of Polynesia


Hardy Wilson

The Cow Pasture Road


Sam Hunter

Isamu Noguchi


R. E. Roberts

Holyhead and the Great War


Tony Godfrey; Anatxu Zabalbeascoa

Title Not Listed


Helen Topliss

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