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John Pepper

A Mans Tale


Hardy Wilson

The Cow Pasture Road


Stan Nicholls

H.M.A.S. Shropshire HMAS


Badawy Alexander

Coptic Art and Archaeology


Charlaine Harris

Sweet and Deadly


Scott Sir Walter

Marmion A Tale of Flodden Field


Ford Paul Leicester

Janice Meredith


Howard Robert E Nathan Hindin Edith Hurley Seabury Quinn Clark Ashton Smith manly Wade Wellman Edgar Daniel Kramer August Derleth Donald Wandrei Thomas P Kelley Sometimes Spelled Kelly Henry Kuttner Eli Colter H P Lovecraft

Weird Tales February 1939 Volume 33 2 King the Oak Death is an Elephant City of Death Poltergeist of Swan Upping Double Shadow Fearful Rock Crazy Nell Drifting Snow Giant Plasm I Found Cleopatra Transgressor The Last Horror The Lamp


Time-Life Books

Lincoln An Intimate Portrait Life


R. H. Wigram

The Uncertain Trout


Prosper Merimee Richard Griffin translation Peter Lindsay Foreword and Lionel Lindsay illustrations



Lionel Gilbert and E. S. Elphick

Not Title Found


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